Green Fields


EQ provided solutions adhere to the principle of The Three Pillars of Sustainability that says for the complete sustainability problem to be solved all three pillars of sustainability must be sustainable.

The three sustainability pillars are:




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  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions- provides the lowest carbon footprint of any biosolids solution today.

  2. Green Energy –  Captures methane gas which is converted to renewable energy exceeding the needs of the process

  3. Class A soil- produces marketable soil that has no offensive odor and is safe and stackable

  4. Recycle Water- Process generates a discharge that is treated to meet effluent requirements.  Additionally, ammonia can be further converted into fertilizer.

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Green Nature


  1. Environment and Climate Change- generates 100% recyclables and  reduces carbon emissions

  2. Site Odor- managed at each point of generation, with best in class technology. 

  3. Product Odor- Process generates one of the least odorous products in the market.

  4. Traffic- Truck traffic is reduced through less end-product.

  5. Trucking-CNG trucking Services using renewable fuel generated on-site where applicable. These trucks reduce emissions, odors, and noise.  

  6. Noise- Facilities will not produce additional noise

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  1. Longevity-20-30 solutions utilizing proven technology

  2. No Energy Risk-Solutions are energy independent 

  3. No Emissions Risk-our proposed solutions have limited emissions and an overall positive impact on greenhouse gasses.

  4. Marketable Products including Renewable Energy and Soil Products

  5. No Plant Interruptions-Our plant designs  incorporate both equipment redundancy, storage and excess equipment capacity to significantly reduce the risk of unforeseen plant interruptions